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Acharya Naval Kishor Ji (Biography)

He is born on the day 10th Oct.1989. His childhood was more inevitably spries than normal children. Your primary education take place in Vrindaban and graduated (BCA) from University of Agra. He qualified the Acharya examination from Kashi Sampurnanand University after completing the formal education, he has made the mystical philosophy of the eternal culture, the pursuit of Shrimad Bhagavatam and the study of Sanskrit as your own life under guidance of his Grandfather Late Shri Harikant Jha Shastri and Father Shri Jaynath Shastri (Bhagwatacharya, Karmkandi and Astrologer) while studying of Ramayan, Shrimad Bhagavad-Gita, Upanishad, Brahma Sutra etc. Acharya Shri Naval Kishor Ji used to go to Shri Radha Krishna and Shivji temple regularly to worship Thakur ji and being a traditional Cow devotee family, they used to take pleasure in serving the Cow Mother.

Acharya Shri Naval Kishor ji life is dedicated to the social welfare. Your every step of activity is related to the welfare of humanity. Mainly you bring the people together through the Katha to meet with their social duties concerning to the ancient culture and civilization.

Pyari Shyama Dham

(Temple, Yagshala, Gaushala and Satsang Building) Pyari Shyama Dham can be an example of hardwork and dedication of many Lakh people which come forward and contribute towards development of this huge Dham. A great work can never be fulfilled without support for our loved ones. Contributing can be big and small but the efforts can not be ignore. This can be the Holy Place, where devotees will get blessings showered by God.

Shri Radhakripa Aashrya Sewa Trust

Shri Radhakripa Aashrya Sewa Trust is a Charitable Trust which was established in the holy presence of Acharya Shri Naval Kishor Ji, under provision of Indian Trust Act on 24th Jan 2023. The Trust works all over India and in other Countries of the World for various welfare activities. Acharya Shri Naval Kishor Ji is a melodious Sankirtanist and a humble humanitarian. He is spellbinder, orator of Bhagvad Katha and is popularly known as Naval Ji by the loved one’s.

Objectives of Shri Radhakripa Aashrya Sewa Trust

  • 1- Spiritual, Charitable, Cultural and Social service and Human service.
  • 2- Environmentally, Handicapped, Cow, Old People and selfless Public service.
  • 3- Construction, Maintenance and arrangements of Gauseva Kendra and Gaushala etc. with public cooperation for the protection of Mother Cow.
  • 4- Construction, Maintenance and arrangements of Temple, Shelter, Dharmshala, Satsang Building, Library, Hospital etc. with public cooperation for the betterment of the society.
  • 5- Provision of Food and Accomodation for Param Bhagavadiya Vaishnavas and Pilgrims.
  • 6- Organizing conferences from time to time for the development of the society.
  • 7- For the promotion of Public Service Works, organizing group tours for publicity all over World and arranging them.

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